REGISTER – Register upon arrival. Check in time is after 12 noon. Check out time is before 12 noon. Check in for another day before 12 noon. Payment is due before stay. One family and one camping unit per site. A family consists of 2 adults and 3 children under 18 yrs old, or 2 adults over 21 yrs old. Additional charge for each additional person not to exceed 4. Do not sublet or transfer campsite. In order to register, you must provide Name, Address, Vehicle Registration, Drivers License Number & Payment.

CAMPSITES – One unit to a campsite. All sites and trailers, campers etc. must be kept neat and clean. Do not erect any sheds, buildings or platforms. Consult camp management. Building codes must be kept. All sites must be raked clean before departure. Do not leave garbage out-put in trash bin. Any unit, or articles left on camp property over 30 days without payment will be considered abandoned.

QUIET HOURS – Quiet hours observed from 11pm to 8am. All activity between these hours should be limited to assure no disturbance to other campers. No loud abusive language or music. Obscene or indecent dress or conduct will not be tolerated. Camp management will make decisions relative to noise levels.

FIRES – Fires are permitted in fire rings or fireplaces. Do not move fire rings. Keep fires low and attended. Do not leave fire. Put fire out before you leave site. Put all fires out before retiring for the night. Do not let children play with fire. OPEN FIRES PROHIBITED per STATE LAW FIRE MARSHAL. No glass or cans in fire. Keep water bucket or sand nearby fire for safety.

PETS – One pet preferred to a site – two pets maximum. Keep pet on a leash. Keep at site, never unattended. Do not let pet roam. CATS and DOGS must have rabies certificate and license presented upon arrival. Permanent campers must present an up-to-date copy of rabies certificate and license to be filed at the office. Cats are attracted to sand, do not let them roam. Our children play in the sand. All droppings must be picked up and disposed of in proper manner. No Pit bulls allowed in camp. Be it known any type of pit bull, any type of rottweiler and any type of reptile (any animal considered dangerous by responsible standards) is not welcome in camp. Report any bite or scratch from animal to authorities.

VISITORS – All visitors must register upon arrival and pay required fee per person. No more than 4 visitors per site and maximum stay shall be 3 hours. We must respect our neighbor camper’s space. All visitors must be out of camp before 10pm. Overnight visitors must check in at office and pay required fee. See Rules. VISITORS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN POOL.

WATER – We have well water. Do not abuse. Do not wash cars, trailers, equipment, etc… Do not allow children to play with water. Be considerate of our water.

POOL – Pool is open daily from 12 noon to 7pm. Swim at your own risk. Youngsters under 14 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult. No smoking, pets, food, bottles, glass, cans, soap, floats, toys, balls, diapers, sun lotion, rough play, running, activities that endangers others, cut-offs, indecent exposure allowed in pool area. Proper swimwear required to swim. Bathing caps appreciated for long hair. NO VISITORS allowed in pool.

BIKES, SKATES, SKATEBOARDS – Do not allow children to ride skateboards, scooters, roller blades on camp roads. Use designated area. No mini bikes or quads allowed in camp. Bikes can be used.

ABANDONED UNITS – Any trailer, camper, car, personal property, etc… left abandoned for more than 30 days will be left to the discretion of the management as to circumstances thereof and will become the property of the campground.

GENERAL RULES – No gambling of any nature allowed in camp. No abusive, obscene, profane or threatening language or conduct to be used at campground NO DRUGS OR EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL ALLOWED IN CAMP. ILLEGAL DRUGS WILL BE REPORTED TO AUTHORITIES. Anyone involved in such activity that requires police to be called will be asked to leave immediately without refund and will no be accepted to camp in the future. Visitors included. No fire arms or bow and arrow or any weapon allowed. No obscene or indecent conduct allowed. If any circumstance not covered in above rules becomes a problem, camp management will decide the outcome. No business conducted in camp. No soliciting. No washing machines, freezers or outside refridgerators allowed. Report any problems to office. Do not do any motor work or any work on cars, trucks, etc…

GARBAGE – Please place garbage only in dumpsters. Do not leave garbage out because wild animals can be attracted to it. DO NOT PUT FURNITURE (ex. chairs, mattresses, shelves, sofas, also tires, bikes, tanks, etc..) in dumpster. We are not a dump station. Garbage dumpster is for garbage only.


We are a family campground and we like to keep our campground safe and pleasant.